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Arrangements & Prices

Prices are for groups ranging from 10 up to 20 guests!

Living Room Dinner/Private Dining

4 courses: 45 Euros per person | 3 courses: 40 Euros per person

(+All drinks inclusive 25 Euros per person (wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea)

Living Room Lunch/Private Lunch

35 Euros per person (exclusive wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea) | 55 Euros with all drinks inclusive)

Sail & Eat

4 hours in total (2 hours of sailing and 2 hours at the Amsterdam Cookery)

Prices are the same as for the Living Room Dinner, see above. Barge/saloon-steamer rental costs are extra. See Sail & Eat for more information.

Whether you begin or end at the Cookery depends on the availability of the barge/saloon-steamer.

Wine Tasting

1 hour Wine Tasting followed by dinner (prices are exclusive any drinks consumed during dinner)

A Wine Tasting costs 20 Euros per person, plus the costs for the Living Room Dinner or Living Room Lunch.


Prices are for groups from 20 guests or more. Smaller groups are required to pay a surcharge.
The surcharge costs are 5 Euros per person for 9 people and 10 Euros per person for 8 people.
You may always take an option on a date. An option will be held for 1 week only.

This because each company has the exclusive use of The Amsterdam Cookery.

“It was a SUPER fun evening! We had a lovely time chatting, drinking merrily, laughing loudly, eating extensively and then laughing some more. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.”
 Quita Ruffle, Fleishman-Hillard