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Living room Lunch


  • small scrocchi nibbles with tapenade and aioli
  • Mediterranean olives, capers and cornichons


  • Spanish Manchego cheese with diced green/red peppers and olive oil
  • Acciuga (anchovy) with a balsamic dressing
  • Gamba’s with red peppers, garlic, lemon and parsley
  • Artichoke baked with black olives and green herbs
  • Mediterranean dried sausage and good quality ham

Main Dishes

  • Fresh pasta with olive oil garlic, pepperoni and parsley
  • Mackerel fillet baked in lemon and garlic
    Tender chicken thigh fillet from a farm chicken, baked in Ras el Hanout
  • Grilled aubergine, courgette and peppers
  • Green salad


A choice selection of brownies, cookies, chocolates and bon bon’s,all served with fresh fruit of the day

35 Euros per person excluding wine, beer and soft drinks (55 Euros unlimited drinks)

Prices are for groups from 12 up to 20 people

Groups smaller than 12 require a surcharge of 2,50 Euros per person. So a group of 11 requires a surcharge of 3 Euros per person and a group of 10 requires a surcharge of 6 Euros, etc.

“Iedereen heeft de lunch zeer genoten, lekker vers eten zonder opsmuk in gezellige omgeving. Voor herhaling vatbaar. Nogmaals dank, ook aan de dames.”