Sailing Dining

We can also organize the LivingroomDinner and the LivingroomLunch on a beautiful canalboat.

We work together with Amsterdam Boat Center, our neighbors. We then rent a canalboat so that you can enjoy a wonderful dinner or lunch in a cozy setting during the beautiful cruise.

The LivingroomLunch and the LivingroomDinner are adapted to the logistics of the boat. That is why it is important that serving here and there requires a maritime adaptation. But it certainly remains special.

A Sailing Dinner can take 2 to 4 hours, whatever you want. So you rent a boat for 2 to 4 hours. The boats are all unique and have their own fixed price. Look for this on the Amsterdam Boat Center site.

The most popular boats are Amigo (of course spring & summer), Griffioen, Iris and Swaen and the canal boats Jacob van Lennep and Hildebrand. Sail & Eat is also possible on these boats (see Specials)

Of course we can also organize a Living Room Dinner or Living Room Lunch on their larger boats for larger parties.