Wine tasting in Amsterdam

Wine Tasting

Go explore the most beautiful wines

Want to expand your knowledge and have loads of fun? Book a Wine Tasting experience!

Kookerij het Singel offers not only lunches and dinners, but also group tastings for wine lovers. A wine tasting is the way to discover new wines. Fancy a fun, educational wine tasting to start with? Let us know and we will gladly arrange it. We have several contacts with regional wine traders who are keen to explore the fascinating world of wine with you and your guests. 

Tailor-made wine tasting 

Thanks to our collaboration with regional wine traders you can organise a wine tasting entirely suited to your wishes. Do you love a particular wine region? Or do you have a strong preference for red or sparkling wine? All of this is possible. The wine expert will also serve small, complementary snacks with each glass to complete the experience. After wine tasting in Amsterdam you will have more wines to add to your list of favourites and you will know a lot more about wines from your chosen region. 

Price of wine tasting is available on request.