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Dining in Amsterdam

Do you plan on dining in Amsterdam? And are you looking for privacy, intimacy and a good atmosphere? The Amsterdam Cookery offers you all of this and more, in abundance. Do not miss this experience, when dining in Amsterdam!

We offer you a wonderful view of the Singel, near the Nine Streets. You may choose from several arrangements, starting from 50 Euros per person. You may enhance your chosen arrangement with a Wine Arrangement, including our excellent wines. Dining in Amsterdam is extra special when you choose one of our new arrangements; Wine & Spice or Sail & Eat. This last one gives you the possibility to enjoy delicious drinks and tapas while cruising the canals, in a route of your choosing.

Find out for yourself how dining in Amsterdam becomes a true experience. For more information and reservations, please call: 020 419 85 85. Or by e-mail via our contact form.

We hope to see you soon at the Amsterdam Cookery!